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Project Description
Windows 8 app that displays the battery percentage in a live tile on the homescreen with the help of a system tray application. only available on intel devices.

Windows 8 App that displays the battery percentage

What the app does

This application is in two parts because the windows 8 apps cannot access the devices system information. A helper windows forms app will run in the system tray that will read the battery status and write it to a file. Then the Windows 8 app reads the file to update the live tile and display the battery percentage.


This is a helper Windows Forms app that runs every 10 seconds and updates the BatteryStatus\BatteryStatus.txt in the users My Documents directory. If the file or directory doesn't exist it is created. Because of this service the app can only run on Intel based systems


This app needs a background task that can read the file on a timer this is where i can't get the app to work. However the app does successfully update the live tile when the button on the homescreen is pressed. Incorporating the Background task will make this app work

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